Welcome to MIDC

The Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (MIDC) was created by legislation in 2013 after an advisory commission recommended improvements to the state’s legal system. The MIDC will work to ensure the state’s public defense system is fair, cost-effective and constitutional while simultaneously protecting public safety and accountability.

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Dedicated to improving indigent defense services statewide.

Our Mission

We will be working to ensure that indigent defense services in Michigan are delivered in a manner that is fair, cost-effective and constitutional.

Our Mandate

We are required by statute to develop and implement minimum standards for those providing indigent defense services and to collect data, support compliance, administer grants, and encourage best practices to accomplish our mission.

Our Method

We will accomplish our mission through support, collaboration, transparency and accessibility to all partners in the criminal justice community.

About Us

The Michigan Indigent Defense Commission is composed of fifteen members appointed by the Governor.  The MIDC meets multiple times throughout the year to create and implement standards for indigent defense delivery services. A full time staff works in Lansing, Michigan under the supervision of the Executive Director.

  • Policies & Standards

    Review our Commission bylaws and standards for indigent defense delivery services.

  • Grants

    Counties can seek funds to implement minimum standards set by the MIDC.