MIDC Announces Comprehensive Survey to Measure Delivery of Services

The Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (MIDC) started its statutorily-mandated data collection efforts with the distribution of the first-ever comprehensive survey to measure the delivery of criminal justice for poor people in Michigan.

The MIDC is required to collect data on the representation of indigent defendants in court systems throughout the state.

The agency’s initial survey seeks to gather details on current practices in the state’s court systems to help MIDC better understand and map the legal landscape for indigent defendants in Michigan.

“The information that we gather in this first survey will inform the development of statewide standards for public defense,” said MIDC Executive Director Jonathan Sacks.  “The results will help the MIDC in its efforts to provide fair access to the criminal justice system for indigent defendants,” continued Sacks.

The survey was distributed to chief judges and court administrators throughout the state by the State Court Administrative Office on the MIDC’s behalf with a memo from the Chair of the Commission, Hon. James Fisher.

The Michigan Indigent Defense Commission is an independent agency housed within the judicial branch of state government. Its members are appointed by the Governor with recommendation of the Legislature, Supreme Court, the State Bar, and other interests from the criminal justice system.

The survey will be completed online by court officials, but a copy of the survey is available on the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission’s website.