MIDC Proposes Next Set of Standards for Indigent Criminal Defense Services

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The Michigan Indigent Defense Commission met on April 18, 2017 at the MIDC office in Lansing, Michigan.  At that meeting, the Commission announced that the first four standards for indigent criminal defense services are pending a decision by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs now that the public comment period closed on March 9, 2017.  Those first four standards cover training and education of counsel, the initial client interview, use of investigation and experts, and counsel at first appearance and other critical stages.

The MIDC has drafted and approved for publication the release of the next set of proposed minimum standards for indigent criminal defense services.  These next standards address the need for independence from the judiciary, defender workload limitations, and qualification and review of attorneys accepting assignments in adult criminal cases.  The full text of all of standards can be found on the MIDC’s website. Comments on the newly proposed standards can be sent to comments@michiganidc.gov or mailed to the MIDC’s Lansing office.

The MIDC invites all stakeholders in the criminal justice community and the general public to provide feedback on the proposed standards.  The MIDC is also finalizing a proposed standard on economic disincentives and incentives which will be published later this year for comment.

View the MIDC’s standards on our website or download the complete set of the MIDC’s standards here.