The MIDC is dedicated to supporting all indigent defense delivery systems in Michigan.  The resources linked at the tabs below may be helpful in learning about indigent defense in Michigan, data collection, and best practices nationwide.  To suggest additional materials for inclusion in this list, please contact us.  For information about specific courts in Michigan, please refer to the Michigan One Court of Justice website, and if you are representing yourself in simple civil matters, please review the collection available online from Michigan Legal Help.

Indigent defense practitioners can subscribe to the online resources provided by the State Appellate Defender Office, which includes Michigan-specific training manuals, a brief bank, and other resources at

All criminal defense attorneys working on assigned cases in Michigan are encouraged to subscribe to the resources at the National Association for Public Defense. Please contact Marla McCowan for subscription information.

MIDC Publications

From time to time, the MIDC will provide position papers or resources on issues related to indigent defense in Michigan.  Click on the link to the resources listed below, or see our publications page.

White Papers to accompany Standards 1, 2, 3 and 4 (with standards appended) (MIDC, March 2017).

Delivery System Reform Models: Planning Improvements in Public Defense (MIDC, December 2016)

Position Paper on Attorney Fees after the Passage of the MIDC Act (MIDC, Summer 2016).

Early Reports Leading to Reform
Other Indigent Defense Websites

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